THINGS HAPPEN. Sometime we notice; sometimes we don’t. Here are some memorable events—notable only to me—that stand out sharply in my mind.

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My first horseback ride. I was seven or so, and the view from the back of a horse was far different from ground-side perspective. That skinny neck stretching in front; the challenge of holding four reins in one hand (the other hand being glued to the saddle horn); I knew whoa, but giddyup seemed…um, childish. We set out, and I learned the art of posting that smooths the bounce of a horse’s trot. A great accomplishment, in my mind. The ride went well, and I was forever fixated on horses. (The beginnings of Dynamo?)
From butter to oleomargarine. World War 2 was fascinating for us kids. We had purpose in life: save tinfoil, collect grease and metal of any kind, learn friendly and enemy aircraft. I even became an official airplane spotter. The call-in code for each sighting was sugar three sixteen. But the day our butter ran out was absolutely dreadful. Oleo, a oleoglob of grease made yellow by squeezing food coloring into it, became our only option and tasted ghastly. I’ve been forever thankful for real BUTTER.

Weasels on the wall. While roaming our acreage in Vermont, I saw movement on a stone, boundary wall and stopped to look. Five or six weasels pranced toward me atop the wall. I stood perfectly still as they stopped to examine this…thing, and then went their merry way. My first published article, “I Saw a Thing Today”, describes that experience. Weasels are my forever friends.
Birth of a granddaughter. Our first grandchild was born on Flag Day at the North Shore Birth Center, and my husband and I watched. By invitation. I wasn’t keen on seeing my daughter go through labor and delivery, so we planned to leave early for a pickup at the airport. However, things suddenly got exciting, so we popped in and got caught up in that great, spiritual drama of birth. What an overwhelming experience of joy and new life! I am profoundly grateful that we didn’t leave early!
Naomi Rebekah Kuehne

Naomi Rebekah Kuehne Soulard

WHAT WONDROUS MOMENTS HAVE YOU HAD? Would love to hear your stories.