Linda Jensen leads a relatively quiet life in Westchester County, New York, as the owner of a highly-acclaimed garden. Inherited from her parents, the garden is her pride and joy. What is not so joyful is finding a strange man sprawled near her delphiniums! The mysterious man is sick, unable to do anything more than drink water—and beg for secrecy. Ignoring all alarm bells, Linda sees to his needs, but her caring act takes on unexpected significance, an unpresentable glory.


A Life Well Lived

"Eugene was more than The Pastor. He was more than The Author. Truly this man lived and breathed and smiled Jesus." —Don Pape Eugene Peterson died on Monday, October 22. I am sad. His family reports, “During the previous days, it was apparent that he was navigating...

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A New Look

A new look. A new start. A new view. A new WEBSITE! ME n’ JASON have been working on this for a couple of months. I feed him stuff; he knows how to make it look good. If you have a computer, you probably see websites every day. Some look sharp, others blah. What makes...

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Flying squirrels LOVE the attic of our cottage at Rumney Bible Conference in New Hampshire. We’re dealing with that. The Terminix person noted that limbs from a couple of small beech trees were providing a red carpet for the squirrels. We, being experienced tree...

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Herding WHAT?

  YOU'RE GETTING a book published?? Well, CONGRATULATIONS!!! In response, I mutter to myself, Congratulations—for WHAT? You have now graduated from sandbox play to managing a herd of cats. A sample: YOU ARE YOUR BOOK'S PRIME MARKETER!!!!! Ergo: Update your profile on...

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Books and Babies

IT’S A LIVE BOOK, BIRTHING THIS WEEKEND! An Unpresentable Glory is officially out on July 1, and copies should be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CBD (Christian Book Distributors). The REALLY good news is the Amazon .99 price that applies all through...

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