All in the Family

I am blessed with an amazing family


Older son Eric, daughter April, and wife Sue Beth. Eric is a research landscape ecologist, which has nothing to do with making a house look better. It’s more like the Theory and Application of Scaling Science in Forestry (don’t ask what that means), and he works under the USDA Forest Service at the Northern Research Station in Rhinelander WI. He has not written a book but has either written or had a hand in 135 scientific articles—which must be worth at least three books. See more under Family Books. Eric loves skiing and snowmobiling and thus winter. He also enjoys piloting his boat around countless Wisconsin lakes. Sue Beth, the real landscape person, prefers summer so she can garden happily. April lived with us for a number of years while teaching science and chemistry at a local Christian school. She is now pursuing a degree in computer programming.

Our favorite daughter Rachel looking her best! Mother of three and wife of Dr. Dale Kuehne (see Family Books), she is a very important person in many people’s lives—including our own. Rachel loves to cook and entertain, is a professional cake decorator, and takes daily walks with their champion, Rhodesian Ridgeback Briscoe, and Briscoe’s son, Bahari. She is also particularly fond of teaching the book of Isaiah.


Younger son Lee, wife Heidi, and crew of kids. They built a timber-frame house out of trees cut and milled on our tree farm in Vermont. They are off the power grid and make solar electricity, their water coming from uphill springs. The house is heated by a massive, stone fireplace that needs stoking only twice a day. Keeps them cozy all winter. Their farm consists of chickens, ducks, turkeys, horses, cats, and honeybees. Lee installs solar systems in Vermont and New Hampshire and builds and sells custom-made, back-yard greenhouses. He also serves as a town Selectman and teaches science part-time in a Christian school. Heidi and the girls have an animal-care service called Whispering Winds. These people know how to work!

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