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Fun memories on the writing road

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Writing is serious business, but it does have its light moments. I enjoy a good laugh and have had many along the writing road. Enjoy a few with me…

With laptop in hand, so to speak, I’m trying to finish final manuscript touches, hoping to send it to a publisher. Bright light plays havoc with laptop viewing, but husband Jim comes up with a bright idea. Too bad I can’t breathe!


Airport Security does not like penknives in jeans pockets. Forgot to shift mine to luggage. What to do? I find a large, potted plant near the door, look around surreptitiously, and “plant” the knife next to the stem. Go through the line smiling. Return next day, retrieve knife—damp and dirty—and leave the airport smiling. Cathy of Whitaker House said, “Thank God we didn’t get a call from the county jail having to post bail for you!”


signing booksI have been signing books. My hook to draw attention to The Stones is a handful of questions on the life of David. If people answer correctly, they get one of David’s “chocolate stones.” If not, I tell them they can cheat by looking in a Bible or asking someone else. Most trudge off to seek an answer. (Chocolate has a STRONG pull!) They return with smiles, give the proper answer and claim their prize. But one man tops them all. He says, “I Googled the answer.”


I started the last leg of our trip wearing shorts. Got cool; changed to jeans. Stopped at a rest area. Getting back into the car, saw this black thing–a yard long—dragging from one jeans leg. WHAT is THAT? Turned out to be long johns I hadn’t realized were hiding in my jeans! Did I haul it that way all the way from the rest room? I’ll never know who saw it.

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