In early December, I closely monitor the southward journey of the sun, noting the point of each sunrise on the horizon. Okay, it’s gotten past the birch tree. Now the leaning tree. Ah! It’s caught in the clumpy trees! Then, on December 21—there it is! As far south as it’s going to get! The tipping point. Time to celebrate.
And celebrate we do–with ICE CREAM! Most often we go out and slurp in style. This year, however, we opted for quality stuff from the grocery store—Brighams and Häagen-Dazs. We weren’t sure when the exact, official moment thoccurred, so we ate ice cream on both the 21st and the 22nd. Can’t risk getting it wrong, y’know!
Now the sun is once again heading north, bringing light and life with it. High Summer is, of course, the goal, but that in itself is a bittersweet moment. When the sun does its turnaround on June 21, warm days are numbered.
We’re living in a dark time around the world. Wars, oppression, injustice, power mongering. Women and children in desperate situations. Things in this country don’t look all that good, either, and we see ominous clouds gathering.
But . . . but . . . God’s tipping point may be right around the corner. We long for his light, his love, to draw us home. Over Christmas we sang “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!” He did come, and the light that was unleashed that night has had Sunriseenormous impact on our world. Darkness still has the upper hand—or so it seems. But there, just over the horizon, the Son will come to take us to the place of no more night, no more tears, no more anguish. The Bible tells us that God is both Light and Love. We all long for those precious commodities, but he instructs us to keep our eyes on the horizon for the glow that promises his return.
The winter solstice can be your tipping point, and eating ice cream is not a bad way to celebrate in the dark what will soon be Light.