The word worship has many facets, from hero- to idol-worship. In the Christian context, it can mean going to church, praying, or reading devotional material.
Praise songs, too, can elicit worship and 
are sometimes referred to in those terms.

York Minster—Been there!

Have you ever entered a great cathedral? I have. Awesome!

We’re told in the Bible—in no uncertain terms—to worship God and Him only. And I get the distinct feeling that that worship back then involved far more than just singing psalms or listening to Paul’s letters being read. Check these extraordinary experiences:

  • In faith, Abraham gave over his son to be sacrificed. Would that require slitting the boy’s throat the way other sacrificial animals were killed and bled? Puts a different face on worship, doesn’t it?
  • Moses had close encounters with God—Burning Bush, Red Sea, Mount Sinai—that stirred fear into his worship.
  • Elisha’s servant saw a host of heavenly horses and chariots of fire. A lot goes on out there!
  • After being greeted by wheeled and multi-winged creatures, Ezekiel glimpsed a throned Being and fell facedown in worship.

Serious stuff, this worship business!

Then there’s the book of Revelation. Whoo!

  • Chapter 1: The Apostle John finds himself face to face with the Alpha and Omega, the First and Last, the Christ who was dead and then was alive. He falls flat.
  • Chapter 4: He sees the Lamb’s Throne, surrounded by Ezekiel’s gyroscopic creatures and their Holy-Holy-Holys, with everyone worshiping.
  • Chapter 21: The announcement that the living God will dwell among those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. No tears, no pain, no death. Only loving relationship. (We won’t talk about those whose names are not in the Book.)
  • Chapter 22: The River of Life, no more darkness, Jesus’ promise to come soon.

Will heaven be boring with nothing but worship going on? John, Elisha, and Ezekiel had their glimpses, and I can assure you—they were NOT bored.

Is worship just a weekly event for you, or is it your LIFE? Nothing that we do has more effect on heaven or on earth.” (Eugene Peterson)

Please—make sure you’re tight with that slain Lamb–the Lord God on His throne.

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

I’m ready, any day. How about you? Please comment below, or email