They’re everywhere, fighting plantfully, each hoping to overpower the others.

  • Virginia creeper—Has a bad reputation for its fast spread and tenacity, ruthlessly pushing aside other plants by stealing their sunlight.
  • Poison ivy—I guess we all know about this one! Though mostly on the ground, it too climbs trees.
  • Bittersweet—an invasive that seems to be taking over the entire northeast.
  • Grapevine—does grow grapes but uses trees as its trellis.

These plants are gardening nightmares and require persistence in weeding them out.

They remind me, though, of a different sort of vine interloper. (Warning: lightning shift ahead.)

I won’t connect the following to any destructive vine, but each issue below is under attack, which stirs concern.

  • Free speech
  • Civil discourse on divisive issues
  • Mutually affirming racial discussion
  • Religious freedom

All of these are protected, in one way or another, by our Constitution. Benjamin Franklin famously replied to a question about what their new Constitution was. “A republic,” he said, “if you can keep it.” Pure democracy can evolve into a power struggle, with the majority—good or bad—calling the shots. A republic, on the other hand, limits the majority and provides safeguards for individuals and minorities. If we lose the republic, cultural vines will smother our freedoms.

In our current conflict of political concepts that is bombarding us from every side, where does God factor in? Some see an opportunity to stand and fight for what is right, some see impending judgment. No matter how we view these matters, we need to cling—tightly—to Jesus, our true Commander in Chief.

A battle is raging, and yes, I do need to care. But instead of making it my major focus, I am putting my trust the Lord God Almighty. “Thus saith the Lord: ‘Thou shalt not OBSESS!’ ” Jesus—King of kings, Lord of lords—is fully able to handle any and all of today’s invasives.

… wore a crown of thorns.

 Heaven comes to fight for me.
Fear, you lost your hold on me.

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