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I just finished reading a book about the Christian Story that brought Reality into sharp focus. Here’s a quote that grabbed me:

Have you ever noticed that certain types of experiences provoke a profound flow of emotion,…and you weep or cheer or are so filled with wonder, you’re speechless?… We have an intense longing in our souls, a hunger that nothing in this world ever seems to satisfy, as though we’ve been made for another world…. Once in a while, though, something happens that gives us a taste of that world…. The next time you see something—a moment in a film, or an embrace, a poem or melody—that transports you and makes you weep, though you’re not sure why—in that moment, God is giving you a foretaste of Glory.  (Gregory Koukl, The Story of Reality, quote adapted)

That resonated. How many times have I been reduced to tears by a sublime poem or piece of music? Just recently, we walked into a church service as a large bell choir of 15 or more ringers played the prelude. Five minutes of incredible beauty! With watery eyes, I stepped momentarily into heaven and worshiped there.
God gives us these glimpses of ultimate Reality. Heaven is not an “I hope so” sort of projection. We have the Bible’s word about heaven and hell—spoken clearly; we have the testimonies and incredible experiences of short-term visitors there; and we have those tiny but super-emotional glimpses that are heavy with promise. For those who love and long for the arms of our Savior, it’s a sure thing. But for those who don’t care about that sort of relationship, the door will be shut—forever. (Are there similar glimpses of hell with all its horror and devastation?)
Please—tune your heart to bell choirs and the deep, merciful love of our heavenly King.

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