Sundays are special—a time to gather and worship with God’s people. I WILL go to church—wherever I am. But once in a while, God makes a Sunday—well, um…INTERESTING.  (See last blog, In a Church Parking Lot.)
Having attended church in Cortland NY on Sunday, July 16, we drove towards Pittsburgh on I-90—stopping for lunch at Applebee’s. What happens when you eat well, especially at noon?

Guard rail

Predictably, I nodded off. Jim seemed okay—until WHAM! Rumble strip AND guard rail. Wide awake now, he yanks the car back and moves to the middle lane. A pickup goes by, window down, passenger mouthing, Are you all right? We wave our thanksgiving and begin contemplating what could have happened, apart from God. Swerve into another car—distinct possibility. Or NO guard rail and a ditch at that particular spot. Any of the above would have ruined our day.

The door problem

Two hours later, we stop for gas and see a scrape down the driver side and hear the door groan on open/shut. As Jim pokes  ineffectively with a screwdriver, Angel #2 shows up at the pump next to us—a lean, ropy fellow who just happens to have the right tool to ease the cranky door.
Two angels watching over us, or was it an entire regiment of heavenly protectors this time?

We went on to our conference in Pittsburgh, where the theme centered on prayer. The message was clear: We can believe all the right doctrinal things, but unless love, trust and obedience show clearly in our way of living, our faith amounts to little.

I don’t expect miracles every Sunday, but I can live daily, knowing I’m safe in God’s hands–even at my moment of death.

What close calls have you had? Did it change your way of thinking in any way?

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