I ASKED FOR STORIES LAST TIME; I GOT ‘EM. Here are two interesting accounts:
Dick—Only God knows what allowed me to sense when a particular person my wife and I knew was in my vicinity, but it happened far beyond coincidence. I’d go into a store or post office and know he was there. The last instance, though—years later—blew my mind.
 I returned home and went to a restaurant with my mother.  We were enjoying our seafood when an anxiety attack struck. My blood pressure shot up; I broke into a sweat as though I’d been hit with a hammer. I almost bolted from my chair. “He’s coming into the restaurant,” a voice inside me said. Facing away from the windows, I could not have seen him passing by.  Within ten seconds, this man came in the door—not to eat but to talk with the manager.  A few moments later he walked out, never having looked my way.christ-figure
That experience shook me to my core, and writing about it gives me chills. Only God knows.
Debby—The Bible-thumping church I grew up in failed to meet a nameless, bottomless need I felt, even as a young child. The pastor of a subsequent church was kind and warm, but his sermons only removed the built-up layers around my need, leaving it bare and raw.
Our first Sunday evening at a third church seemed okay but left me thinking a nap might be in order. Then Pastor Dunlap started talking. I was riveted. I remember hanging onto the empty seat in front until he finished. My little 8-year-old heart sang, “He knows!!  He’s going to tell me about God and what’s wrong with us!  He knows!!”
Later, his wife fed me music and again awakened my spirit. With her regal bearing and velvety voice, I was her slave.
In my mid-teens, I spent a horrible night in the hospital, my only comfort a tape of Mr. Dunlap’s sermons. Who should walk in but pastor and wife themselves! I can’t tell you the shining, glorious Joy that filled me at their unexpected appearance. I’m tearing up now as I write. They wore beautiful smiles, but their faces shone with God-light that brought healing to my body and soul.
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