The most important question you’ll ever have to answer is, Do you believe in God? The second most important question: How will your answer affect the rest of your life and beyond?bigbang_2
I believe in God for two starter reasons: The Big Bang, and the Intelligence that’s built into the universe.
Starter explanations: Evolutionists have no clue what caused the Big Bang. Theories, yes, but no shred of evidence. They also have poor explanations about the design factor built into the universe. Complex structures such as a single cell require two or more parts that must be present at the same time—allowing no time for evolution to “create” them. A fascinating study that points scientifically to the existence of an intelligent being we call God.
IndonesiaQuestion Two: What are the implications of God being real? If he made the world, he must care about us. He tells us what he wants—through nature, through the Bible, and even occasionally through dreams and visions. Why do you suppose thousands of Muslims are becoming Christians, their love for Isa or Jesus making them willing to die for him?
Love—the operative word. God loves us and wants us to love him back. Do we do that by being good? None of us can reach even the first rung of that ladder! But—Jesus came, taught us, took our sins on himself and died in our place, opening up the only way for us to interact with God. How can we not love him?
Are you on speaking terms with your Creator? “I’m a good person,” you say. “I stay out of trouble, support good causes, care about the environment………” But do you talk with him? Do you find out what he wants to say to you—as in reading the Bible, going to church, meeting with other Christians? Do you tell him how much you love him or thank him for what he’s given you?
Your Forever future hangs on your relationship with God. plead with you to get a spiritual checkup now, before it’s too late. On the day you die, you’ll know exactly where you stand with him. If we come before him with our pitiful cry of, “Lord, Lord, I’ve been good. Look at all I’ve done!” he will likely say, Go away. I don’t know you. Wouldn’t you far rather hear Jesus’ words, Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world?


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