Orange Lake
Here I am again at Orange Lake Resort, Kissimmee FL, enjoying the “good life.” I am, however, well aware of the army of ants that make and maintain all this wealth and luxury.
In no particular order:
•  Cleaning ladies
•  Service responders
•  Shuttle drivers
•  Landscape artists and gardeners
•  Trash pickup
•  Hedge trimmers
•  Leaf blowers—even where there are no leaves
IMG_6199•  Golf-course greens keepers
•  Master of golf carts
•  Food vendors [If all guests ate on their own as we do, they’d go out of business]
•  Amusement planners   […ditto]
•  Purveyors of gifts, clothing, touristy stuff   […ditto]
•  Tennis, basketball, volleyball providers
•  Palm-frond trimmers
•  Interior decorators
•  Gatekeepers, welcomers, crew managers
•  Tender of ponds and fountains
•  Slick, time-share salesmen/women
•  Swimming guardians; hot-tub overseers
•  Weeders   (I believe weeds are forbidden to appear here.)
You get the idea, and that’s probably only half of the ant population.
The only truly free spirits I see on the grounds are sandhill cranes. While out walking one day, I found myself IMG_6176following four “pedestrians” that stepped with great dignity along the left and proper side of the road. They speak high volume, but I’ve never seen a censor of crane-language. The resident flock of turkeys are on the prowl for handouts, but cranes are their own people.
Given my sardonic view of wealth and luxury, why am I here? Good question. A timeshare sounded like a good idea some years ago. Wouldn’t do it again, but it does have benefits. For me, a week of rest and escape from my year-round stress load is most welcome. The change of scene and climate—to say nothing of the services of the above ants—speak peace to my inner being.
And I know about ants. I am one in other venues and am quick to thank fellow ants, even by just waving to acknowledge them as people who matter.
Thank you, Lord, for this long week here in Florida. You did indeed give your beloved sleep (Psalm 127:2), and I am grateful.  

PS—BE an ant, and THANK an ant today!

IN WHAT WAYS ARE YOU AN ANT? Who are the ants that serve you? Is ANTHOOD a Christian principle?
Let me know your thoughts. And while you’re thinking, poke around my website.
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