It’s been a month. Caveat: If you’re not into long lists of woes, cut to the bottom.

  1. Muscle red, nerve yellow

    Muscle red, nerve yellow

    Sciatica—the mule kick-in-the-butt sort. I’m now well acquainted with my piriformis muscle that rubs the sciatic nerve the wrong way. Stretching exercises help, though days when I can stand straight and walk have been few. Physical therapy comes next week.
  2. bankBank woes—a closed and empty account keeps sending automatic payments to a charitable organization. Bill at the bank can’t figure it out, and the check’s recipients are getting testy over Insufficient Funds.
  3. A cutaway facsimile

    A cutaway facsimile

    External hard drive “issues.” Bought a new-fangled, portable hard drive that can be inserted or removed from an enclosure. Worked fine—as long as it wasn’t plugged into my Mac. A USB port on a hub  but not in the Mac itself. Got tired of dozens of Not Ejected Properly messages. Livon, the tech person, emailed me: I’m afraid the product you received is a failing example or was damaged during the delivery. Please no worry. In order to give our clients an excellent using experience, we would like to send you a brand new replacement. A perfect segue to . . .

. . . looking on the bright side.

  1. Just mentioning the word sciatica brings knowing nods and clucks of sympathy. AND God provided relief on the days I needed to be on my feet. I’ve always been grateful for being able to walk. Now, even MORE so.
  2. Our bank friend, Bill, likes us. He doesn’t run and hide when we walk in. Friends in strategic places are a treasure.
  3. Even with fractured English, computer techies who offer to replace “failing examples” are much appreciated.

Here’s the bottom line, if you skipped the lists.
Things go wrong, no matter what stage of life we’re in. We can complain—loudly, making everyone else unhappy; we can grit our teeth and muddle through; or we can trust God and look for that bright side. Pollyanna? Yes, but her Glad Game (if you ever read the book) can serve us, too.
AND our main task in life is strewing love in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.

Yes, there are times for tears, but heart hugs work better than Kleenex.


How have you been blessed in the midst of pain or grief? Some stories are huge, others more on my level. Comment, either here or via egus@me.com. I love hearing from you.