IMG_5567Getting to and from my Wheaton College 60th class reunion had us humping across looonnnnngg stretches of asphalt desert.
Think Syracuse NY (well, actually Homer) to Portage IN = 650 miles, 11 hours.
Think St. Joseph Island, Ontario, back to Homer = 700+ miles, 12 hours, with 30 miles of intense urban crawl around Toronto.
Body, mind, and reflexes in motion the whole way; limbs creaking when we dismount at an oasis.
BUT the spiritual and relational treasure trove at each IMG_5599destination = AWESOME! Friends, college cohorts, two different churches, book-signing interactions, the deep, abiding love of family members—these all make the camel saddle feel cushion soft.
A couple of highlights: Reconnecting with friend Maya on Michigan UP at Jack’s Restaurant on route 2. A super time together.IMG_5646
Visiting the Kovak Planetarium—the largest mechanical planetarium in the world. Unlike projection planetariums where stars and planets are projected onto a stationary dome overhead, mechanical planetariums feature stars painted in day-glow inside a large, tilted globe that rotates at the proper speed. Pretty impressive.

Frank Kovac

Frank Kovac

Standing on a balcony at Don and Ruth’s grand house on St. Ship on St. Mary's RJoseph Island, watching great ships—some 1000 footers—cruise past on St. Mary’s River, our vigorous waving rewarded by one long toot and two short ones. Don’s delight at this response—indescribable!
Hugs by family teenagers Eric, Julia, and Drew, thick with IMG_5704genuine love—the best of all possible riches. (Sister-in-law Nancy’s third birthday celebration.)
Large-mouth bass

Large-mouth bass

Did I mention fish? Jim and Eric caught about 50 large-mouth bass in a 3-hour stretch—catch and release.

A taste of what’s ahead.

Heaven—and even fishing—is relational.

Get used to it, and practice for it on your long camel rides.

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