There was this church. Modest-sized, barely keeping its financial head above water, not immune to problems. They had Important Leaders, though, whose spiritual heads were screwed on tight and who daily plugged into the SON. Their brightness enabled them to spill light onto the congregation.
Good Leaders do that. They walk their talk, and folks learn from them how to worship, how to love, how to go out of their way to help others—even people they might not want to spend a whole lot of time with.

One day, a congregant had a problem that required her appearance in court. Not serious, but going to court is never fun.
One of the Important Leaders asked if she’d like someone to be with her.
“Nah,” she replied. “I’ll be fine. No big deal.”
“What time’s the trial?”
“Early morning. I’ll be okay.”
The Important Leader said nothing, but not hard to guess who showed up before her case was called—despite his having to get up early and drive far.
The woman, deeply moved, speaks of that moment with leaking eyes.

Walking the talk. Living what you say you believe. Being real. Not too proud to wash unspeakably dirty feet.

Important Leaders who do that reflect the loving heart of God.

I’m not an Important Leader, but I try hard to drink light—every day. And sure enough, something comes up every day that gives me opportunity to walk the talk. Towels and basins are not just for Important Leaders. They come in all sizes, but all require the bending of knees to do the job.

Lord, help me see where you are already kneeling, and help me kneel beside you.

 What Important Leaders have shined light into your life?

How do you get your daily dose of Light?

Would love to hear—either below or via

“God wants lovers. I pray that you may be an ardent lover, the kind of lover who sets others on fire.”  ~Amy Carmichael