A couple of weeks ago I received some galleys for my NEW NOVEL, and I just had to wave this picture in front of you. The book won’t be out till April, but I’m pretty happy about seeing an actual copy, along with a whole bunch of wonderful endorsements. It has already gone to print, but the birthing process takes a lot of time and effort. I’ll let you know when it appears on Amazon for advance ordering.
A quick teaser:
The long and short of it, Jeth Cavenaugh is terrified of God. For starters, how often does a hard slap send a person into the Kingdom? Good things, bad things, make him moan plaintively, “Does God ever work this way with anyone else? I feel like I’m being set up for something.” He is, indeed. Nothing in Jeth’s life is predictable.  
Stay tuned for more information.Dynamo bit