YOU’RE GETTING a book published?? Well, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
In response, I mutter to myself, Congratulations—for WHAT? You have now graduated from sandbox play to managing a herd of cats. A sample:

  • Update your profile on ten different sites.
  • Post social media updates.
  • Run multi-author promotions.
  • Show readers glimpses of your author life.
  • Convince them to post a review on Amazon.

Get the picture?
For me, the hard work of writing a book has just begun. But aren’t the rewards good—and profitable?

Maybe, but mostly—no.

Some authors bask in the limelight, but for me, writing and publishing is a humbling affair.

  • I don’t have a big name or much of a following.
  • Financially, I’ll be lucky to break even.
  • With all the new books out there, who really cares about mine?

I have only this great passion to share what God has been teaching me. Things like:

  • What is the nature of love?
  • How does a person relate deeply with the Lord?

Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve had to learn is the matter of TRUST—a good, solid, Christian word we bandy about but seldom put into practice. I’m talking REAL trust here, the sort modeled by missionary heroes and believers in hostile countries; the trust that operates in the middle of spiritual opposition; the trust that refuses to react to petty grievances that constantly hiss and scratch.

In short, I need to live what I write about.

Herding cats is not a bad way to learn the art of TOTAL dependence on God.

GOD’S GLORY. Please tell me about your cat-herding experiences and how God has used them in your life. I love hearing your stories. Comment below, or email 

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