IN MY LAST BLOG, I promised a preview of my almost-finished novel, An Unpresentable Glory. A quick overview (aka Elevator Pitch):Proposal
Un.pre.sent.a.ble Glo.ry

  1. The spiritual reward for helping a desperate stranger do the unmentionable.
  2. The return from sneaking a God message into a guarded hospital room.
  3. The outcome of praying over a prone man from head to toe.
  4. The afterglow of a secret wedding unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Sum total: A shining, effervescent glory rising from pain, tragedy, and love.
As you can see, the word unpresentable takes on a broader meaning in this novel. It’s my job as an author to make that meaning clear to the reader. It will be your job to search beyond a good story for a glory that can affect your own life.
Here are the first few paragraphs:

On her return from church, Kileenda Jensen discovered a problem, and it had nothing to do with her name. Hardly anyone called her Kileenda. Early on, her parents shortened her name to Leenda, which quickly morphed to Linda when she went to school. Now she herself, on all but the most serious and sacred of documents, signed herself as Linda. Though her parents, deep rooted in Westchester County, New York, had made tiresomely sure she knew her uncommon heritage and social standing, Linda herself was comfortable with a plain name because her real worth did not rest on money or position.

Her immediate problem lay face down in the trianglular patch of grass between her perennial border, her oak-grove begonia “room,” and the clematis arbor—more specifically, a man who looked to her unpracticed eye to be either dead or unconscious. She assumed the lesser of two evils and spoke to him.

“Hello. Are you all right?”

Stupid question. The man obviously was not all right, but seeing neither blood nor bruise, she hoped for the best. Besides, he was inordinately handsome—a fitting garnish for her superbly landscaped grounds.

Still with me? I’ll post other snippets in future blogs. Right now, however, step into Linda’s beautiful garden.

garden (1)
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