Okay, I just like this peony.

For the 90% of you who might not have picked up from my last blog that I may have LUNG CANCER (biopsy still to come), here’s Part 2 of what God is doing in my life.

Admittedly, my news was sort of buried in the middle of last week’s post, and as Cousin Sally pointed out, all the stuff coming at us, these days, is like drinking from a firehose. This time, I’m making it large print, top of the page. [To see the first blog, click Read More on the post below this one–Stones and D-Day]

We all know that we’ll die some time, some place, some way. I’ve been given a peek at a more immediate shape of death, but even there, God could pull the surprising thing. He does that. Here’s a story:

Last Sunday as we were ready to leave church, Jim was up front, near the organ, hunting for his jacket. I stood at the back door, watching him. Friend Anna, just arriving at church, came to that door and stopped in front of me. “God woke me at 4 AM and told me, Give this stone to Ellie.’ He made clear that I was to obey Him in this.”

She handed me her stone, and it struck me that Jim losing his jacket and my watching him hunt for it was God moving the chess pieces around—just so. We normally would have been on our way home, and Anna would not have seen me.

If God cares that much about me and my stones, how can I doubt His grace and goodness in this disease? Will He heal me? Probably not. Will He welcome me with open arms, YES! Will I receive His love through a wide world of friends? YES! And I thank you for that in advance.

You are not obliged to gush over this news. Pop me a quick note—as in PRAYING—and I won’t have to gush back.

And, of course, I always love hearing your stories.

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