An Unpresentable Glory is officially out on July 1, and copies should be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CBD (Christian Book Distributors). The REALLY good news is the Amazon .99 price that applies all through the month of July.
The novel has been long in the making, the first draft written in 2012. Over time, multiple people read and helped shape it, and a number prayed over it. Ambassador International, my publisher, did a great job with editing (Katie), design (Hannah), and holding my hand (Anna). I am grateful. They all think it’s a good book, but you are the ground-floor arbiters on that. I’ll look for your review!

Sidebar here: Speaking of births, have you ever heard of stone babies? A new concept to me. I learned of this through a novel by one of my book endorsers, Latayne Scott, in her book, A Conspiracy of Breath. A stone baby occurs when a fetus develops outside the uterus and then dies and calcifies, remaining in the mother for up to 50 or more years. Online accounts note it as “strange and exceptionally rare.”

I hope that doesn’t apply to books, though the gestation period for my novels runs from five to fifteen years!
Here is the Amazon link: The other links are not yet available but will be soon.
Your best bargain will be the Amazon .99 sale during July. I will have books in hand if you are close by, but I can’t come close to that price. Buy it, read it, and I’d love to see your review—on any of the venues.

AN UNPRESENTABLE GLORY—may it enrich your soul!


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