My very first blog was posted on October 6, 2011. That seems ancient history to me—especially when looking over all the blogs since then. My thanks to you who have stuck with me all these years, though some of you may have slid in more recently.
WHY is this picture in my media file? Back then, did I think my blogs would put people to sleep?
Anyway, a few days ago, I got this bright idea: Why not stir the pot and see which blogs rise to the top? YES—some good ones!
Here are five noteworthiesespecially the Flash Mob. Click on whichever link.

Slum lord   
On turning the last page

Winston Churchill

Blood, toil, sweat
DON’T MISS THIS ONE—the absolute best of the bunch: FLASH MOB: .  It will be just too sad if this one won’t open for you. (Hint: Think a famous Rembrandt painting.)

Also, feel free to poke through the entire list. Pick out ones you’d like to peruse. Double click, and each should open. Entire pages of them are lined up at the bottom.

 QUESTION: What topics might you blog about, if you were into blogging? 

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This blog features small blips my personal history. Each of us has stories—some that fit into neat little blogs, others that span an entire lifetime. God has your story written on the palm of his hand. Can you trust him with it, even when nights are dark?

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