If you’ve read my novel, ̛this blog picks up on an unpresentable task faced by the main character. Fasten your seatbelt and proceed—with caution. 

The Bible tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm (139:14). Think of the complexity of our bodies: Brain. Eyes. Ears. Heart. Hands. All—and more—made by an Intelligent Designer.

To that list, I would add Plumbing. We don’t often talk about that part of our bodies, but it’s worthy of note.

Several times a day, I make a mad dash to the bathroom to “relieve” myself, followed by a sense of blissful . . . relief. The other day while contemplating, it occurred to me to thank God for allowing me to function properly. It’s not a given, and many people have serious problems.

I had one, myself. Some 60 years ago, chronic Urinary Tract Infections made my life miserable, with meds that didn’t work—to the point of occasionally passing blood. My urologist would insert his little camera and tsk-tsk over the scar tissue in there.

Then I discovered vitamin C. After a particularly bad episode, I took a huge dose of about 5000 mgs, and the next day, the doctor could not find a single blood cell in my urine. From that time on, I never had a single UTI.

Good nutrition produces healthy functioning. I do have stage-4 cancer that will eventually ship me off to heaven, but I’m grateful for small things between now and then, and I thank God, daily, for the well-designed system that works so splendidly.

Jesus, fully human, also had to pee. The Jews in Jesus’ time had prayers for just about everything. I couldn’t find a prayer, but Deuteronomy 23: 12-14 gives specific instructions. Look it up. Holiness is the major factor.

 Bodily plumbing that works is a built-in blessing that we seldom think about, let alone give proper thanks for. I am also grateful for occupational plumbers who install and keep our toilets functioning. We no longer need to have trowels at hand. Thanks be to God!

I won’t ask for your personal experiences this time! Feel free to just say either AMEN! or
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