Is a choir that sings on bended knee an a patella Choir?
(Thank you, Donnie!)

I managed to make a big splash in the grocery store when I tripped over the corner of the plum display and landed in ignominy. I finally agreed to an ambulance ride to the hospital, laughing and joking the whole way. Thirty hours in the ER got my broken wrist and kneecap patched up, enough for me to take up residence in daughter Rachel’s house in New Hampshire.

How should I look at such a thing? It’s certainly inconvenient, but I am thankful that it was my left arm and not my right. Everyone has been tut-tutting over it, and the Market Basket manager was very concerned, perhaps for legal reasons. My big concern, that day, was Jim leaving with our groceries, without paying for them! His mind was on other things.

I’m also thankful for Rachel taking on the inconvenient responsibility of tending to two elderly parents. We are well fed and cared for.

I’m choosing to look at this as a God thing. I am normally extremely careful not to fall, and who’da guessed that the corner of the plum display would bring me down? I have little pain and I’m able to be in church each week. My platform walker serves me well and gets a lot of attention.

What was God’s purpose in programming this accident? Perhaps just to give a word of encouragement to a sad-looking, under-noticed woman in the hospital. She came into my cubicle, collecting soiled linen. I said, “Oh! You’re the bag lady! That’s an important job, and you are an important person. I appreciate you!” On her next pass through, she bore a huge smile. Mission accomplished!

I guess my bottom line in this is to trust God’s purposes, to accept all things as they come, and to reflect joy as God’s provision. And I’m still laughing at the a patella choir!

What injuries have you sustained? Yours may make mine looks like a broken fingernail.
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