Flash Mob videos are commonplace these days, and many of them are extremely clever. One, however, is extraordinary. You’ll find the URL below. You may want to take a quick look and then come back to read the rest of this blog. (If it doesn’t click for you, Google Onze helden zijn terug! YouTube and click on it.)

Did you like it? A little clarification: Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum got creative in an attempt to draw attention to their newly renovated art museum. They recreated Rembrandt’s famous painting, The Night Watch. First, the plausible action, then the framed pose—all the while causing quite a stir in the mall itself, with live 487px-Rembrandt_Harmensz._van_Rijn_132animals and well-costumed characters.
I’ve watch this video many times, but my last viewing grabbed me in an unexpected way, leaving me laughing hysterically and then crying. Not sure why the switch of emotions, but it was powerful enough to prompt this blog.
Life in our world is a grand mix of the good, the bad, and the unspeakable. In the midst of our experiences, we laugh, we cry, we fume over the things we can’t do anything about. But almost always, we lose sight of the big picture. We can’t see the outworking of our laughter and tears. Faith is often too murky, Night Watchand we “see through the glass darkly.” But one day the frame will drop down, and there it is: the Grand Masterpiece that God designed out of our messy lives. No flash-mob histrionics. God himself, the Master Artist, the one who made the Rembrandts among us—he himself will display YOU, his great Renovation Project, for the entire universe to see.