AT THE RISK OF BEING A BORE, I’m talking cancer again but grubbing deeper.

I, being 85, am treating my #4 lung differently than most people would, though if I had  young children or were a Somebody, then fighting it with everything available would make perfect sense.

Why am I at peace—with almost-certain death hanging over me? Easy. Cancer can kill my body but not my soul. DEATH has actually been destroyed by the God who came to us as a baby. He lived perfectly but then died as a criminal on a Roman cross.

The kicker is, He didn’t stay dead.  It’s hard to believe, and many call it fake news, but compelling evidence backs up this resurrection. If it didn’t happen, then our faith IS fake. But if He DID come back to life, then what we do with that extraordinary truth makes a huge difference.

 I’m absolutely certain I’m going to heaven, but NOT because I’m a “good” person. Only Jesus reached the top bar of PERFECTION. Jesus, the perfect man, died a criminal’s death—in my place, for my sin. He bought my ticket, and as a result—I’m on hugging terms with Him. GOD IS LOVE, and He’s longing for our love in return.

Heaven is real, as many near-death experiences attest. Some see light and beauty they could never have imagined. Others get a glimpse of hell and sometimes cry out to Jesus. Three Bible characters saw God and somehow lived to tell about it. This God of wonder, power, and glory now offers us forgiveness and unconditional love. What’s not to like about that prospect?

Are you even on speaking terms with God, let along hugging? Trust me: Pleading the “good person” bit won’t fly. Nor will DIY “religion.” The One who became undead calls the shots. Reach out. Tell Him you need forgiveness. He’s longing to show His mercy and love. Get to know Him through reading the Bible—the Gospel of Luke or John, for starters. This Jesus is the One who put stars and galaxies and black holes in place. There’s no higher Authority and no greater source of love and satisfaction! Please—BE THERE in heaven with me.

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