Jim’s keyboard tie. I think it actually plays.

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO SURGERY. Husband Jim might have died, had he not had a blood test for low testosterone.
Low energy. Couldn’t climb hills. Can’t remember anything. Then friend Anita hands me a blurb about the connection between memory loss and testosterone. Light bulb goes off in my brain.
Head to the doctor to get a blood test.
Next morning—SEVEN AM!—doctor calls and says, “Get that man to an Emergency Room ASAP! His blood level is 6, and the bottom transfusion limit is 7. He could have a heart attack or stroke.”
Not testosterone, but blood loss—but from where? Next directive: Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.
But wait! We’re due to leave for Florida in three days!
Okay, says our doctor, have one in Florida. Fun things to do on vacation.
Did that. Found an ugly little tumor in his ascending colon (in case you’re interested). Go home, find a surgeon, and get the bugger out.
Did that. The surgery went well, the Anna Jacques staff put up with him nicely, and he’s home, making trouble on this end. (If you know Jim, you know what I’m talking about.)
Not quite done, however. His lymph nodes were okay, but other cell escapees put him at Stage II-b cancer.
Not what we hoped, but the God who lays out testosterone rabbit trails will provide a path for whatever lies ahead. Whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord—rent free!
Death is no longer our enemy. Christ died—REALLY died, in the worst sense of the word—then walked out of his tomb to lead us into LIFE, in the best sense of that word.

A thought: Might God have laid a rabbit trail for Satan? Arrest Jesus at the Garden, get the High Priest to condemn him, haul him to Pilate for sentencing—and a Roman cross will get rid of this Troublemaker ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Jesus had the last laugh on that one!


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