Rumney cottage

Rumney cottage

We own a multi-generational cottage in Rumney NH. Jim’s folks, Walter and Lilly Gustafson, built it in the 1960s. Jim’s sister and husband, Lois and Bob Draper, became missionaries and thus homeless, so they moved in after the folks vacated. Bob died, Lois moved, so we took ownership, with daughter Rachel having a managerial role. Four generations, five actual families, many years of great pleasure there beside the pond.
Last year's disaster

Last year’s disaster

Last winter the carport collapsed under a load of snow and on a parked car. Bad enough, but nothing compared to………
 THIS year.
Black -lace cobwebs

Black -lace cobwebs

Early Reports:
* Furnace quit; indoor temp in the 20s.
* Soot all over everything.
* Pipes frozen.
* Furnace fixed; heat on.
* NEXT DAY, indoor temp back down to the 20s.
* More soot.
* Toilets frozen.
* Furnace not repairable.
* Water pump cracked.
* Other pipes and water-heater status unknown.
 Enter HERO Son-in-law Dale.

  • Takes his own firewood up there to try to warm things up.
  • Camps in while trying one thing after another.
  • Contacts insurance adjuster.
  • Orders a furnace.
  • Works with a local repairman (Ken Savage for you Rumney people).
  • Offers to commute from there to work (roughly 70 miles one way) but doesn’t have to.
  • Oversees the installation of new furnace.
  • Consults with the Important People (adjusters and fixers).
  • Advises us on how best to address the overall problem.

What’s the bottom line on all this?

  • Big money involved, including a high insurance deductible.
  • Big mess to clean up—at high cost. Our faithful fixers could realize enough insurance money to comfortably retire!

BUT—The good news:

  • God owns our money. He will provide.
  • We did have insurance!
  • Soot is far better than fire.
  • We have good people doing the fixing.
  • The mess indoors hasn’t affected the view of the pond from the porch.
  • And what an opportunity to redecorate!

The love and togetherness of a well-functioning family brings tears to my eyes. It’s been a winter, indeed, but our hearts could not be warmer.



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