LOOKING WAY AHEAD, where will you be in five-hundred years? Will time In heaven even be measured in years,? When will you die? None of us knows for sure. Sudden death happens, but for those of us who long to see the face of Jesus, the actual length of life doesn’t matter.

All marathons have a distant ending point, but my Finish Line happens to be within sight. My remaining days are now prep time for moving into a more upscale neighborhood. I already have my key, having been saved by God’s amazing grace. Yes, I’ll leave dear friends behind, but I’ll see Jesus face to face. I do have a lengthy, Meet & Greet list of old-friends, plus those zillion new acquaintances that may take all of eternity to meet. My heart is already in that wonderful place, even as my body is starting to grumble. I’m sad to push dear friends into mourning mode, but I ask you to picture me, living and thriving in the Real World, with Shadowlands left far behind.

All right—the specifics. Stage 4 lung cancer involves a lung mass, plus a bunch of affected lymph nodes. Not fixable. If I do nothing, it may be a matter of months. Modest treatment might give me a little extra time, and I need to decide about that, like, today. I am totally at peace with whichever. That new, Real World has a strong pull.

A friend sent me a copy of John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Cancer. I’m already on his page and have discovered that the words, “I have Stage-4 Lung Cancer,” gets immediate attention. When I assure folks that I’m at peace with this, they relax and are more at ease with me.

Where will I be in 500 years? With the King of kings, the Lion and the Lamb, the Great I AM. Come see me. Ask for Ellie or whatever my new name might be.

I’m into hugging.



You may not be facing death right now, but are you thinking ahead? What decisions will you make when the time comes? Comment below, or email egus@me.com