After stopping at a Vermont birthday party for a taste of love and friendship, we headed for Strasburg, PA, and the Sight & Sound production of Jonah. Our tickets were for…umm…the day of the blizzard. However, they shifted us to the Wednesday presentation.
And what a show! Think 4-story stages on three sides of a 2000-seat theater. Enter into an off-stage, watery view of swimming creatures—Jonah among them—AND the giant fish that granted him three days to chew on his disobedience.
The day of the blizzard was itself an experience. The hotel’s snow-removal equipment amounted to a small bobcat with a short, straight plow that spilled as much as it plowed. Definitely not up for big storms.
What to do for food? The only place open was a gas station down the road that had a sort of restaurant. The snow had stopped, so we bundled against the icy wind and headed out. Less than gourmet food, but a pint of Häagen-Dazs compensated. Another taste of grace.

Good & Plenty fare

The next day, after the play, we rolled down to a neighboring Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant. Though not as fine as the famous Good and Plenty family-style eatery that had given us Monday’s feed, it was nearby—and open. Feeling poor, we opted for the Soup, Salad, and Bread bar. Good stuff. Jim, however, going back for seconds, forgot about the cheaper aspect and came back with a plateful of the grander smorgasbord. When the waiter came by, Jim “confessed his sins” and offered to pay the smorgasbord price. At first,

Hershey Farm smorgasbord

Mr. Splendid Waiter waved it off, but when I coughed at the free ride, he simply added a couple of “sides” to the bill.

That bit of grace tasted especially sweet.

Now we’re back home, dealing with sickly solar panels, a clogged dryer vent, endless tech phone calls. I can allow all that to swallow me, or I can opt for the grace that God provides, especially in the form of huge fish.

https://www.sight-sound.com/ticketing/shows/title  “Our purpose is to present the Gospel…and sow the Word of God…by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures.” For more about Sight & Sound, click the link and add it to your “bucket list.”

Tell me about your moments of grace. Do you ever have Jonah times? Please share them—below or by email.   egus@me.com