What’s the definition of STONE, STONING, STONED?

  • A hard, mineral substance
  • A form of execution
  • The effect of being high on drugs

    Boulder on St. Joseph Island, Ontario

Might a collector of stones be called a “stoner?” If so, I’m one.

There was a time when my attic was in danger of collapse from the number of stones I had collected from assorted

Who can resist picking up such INTERESTING stones?

 states and foreign countries. I like pretty stones, and they somehow just jump into my pockets.

HERE’S ANOTHER STONE—this one a Real Keeper.

God says, “I will also give [Ellie] a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.” (Rev. 2:17)

Will Just hearing my “new name” be the ultimate, a-HA! moment? There I’ll be—a person of little significance, receiving a precious gift from the Maker of heaven and earth! A NAME I will somehow know, and that beautiful, white stone—MINE to treasure forever.  

How soon will this happen? Here comes the D-Day part. I’m old enough to remember D-Day and what it meant for the entire world. But on the 75th anniversary of that heroic assault, I received my personal D-Day, as in Diagnosis-Day (lung-c). As Normandy Beach was a definite, though costly, turning point in WW2. so my D swings me in a totally new direction. What will the rest of my life look like? How will other lives be impacted?

God has been hinting at this for the past year, and now I see the reason for all the weird road blocks. He’s had that white stone in mind for some time, and no matter the amount of time before I actually receive it, my eyes are irreversibly turned in His direction.

Where is your heart focus? Would your own D-Day make a difference? What’s the shape of your fear? Is it fear of dying, fear of God in a bad way, or  could it be some awesome fear that makes all other fears meaningless? Let’s talk about this.

And on what beautiful morning
With the sun shining and the sea calling
Shall I awake
Shall I give up my unsubstantial sword
And go down to the water
With all the trumpets sounding
And with tears and laughter
Take the white hand of my Lord?
On what beautiful morning?
                   —T. H. White

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