A church small-group was discussing personal commitment to Christ and how to translate it into everyday life, relationships, and business affairs. One man asked, “What would actually happen if I did business the way Christ wants me to? It could mean financial ruin!”
Silence. Then another man turned to him. “And what will happen if you don’t? What KIND of ruin do you want?”
The cost of discipleship is high, but the cost of NOT following Christ is far higher.

I don’t want to be simplistic here. Having to live poor is tough. Been there, done that. Our first baby’s clothing consisted of hand-me-downs that I had to mend. Poverty has many causes, and some sorts do result from bad choices.

Financial ruin is indeed costly, but spiritual ruin is the pits. Think Prodigal Son. He thought he had it all—plenty of money, handsome future, endless fun, and no rigidly moral brother on his back. He crawled home a beggar and discovered the greatest of all legacies–GRACE.
What does our spiritual legacy consist of? Heaven, yes, and that’s huge. But our gold bullion is our RELATIONSHIPS:

  • with Jesus (who makes God visible)
  • with all the saints in heaven
  • with our Christian brothers and sisters still hanging around this poor, sick earth
  • with needy, hurting people who are desperate for even a small touch of love.

Yes, for short-sighted people, following this God person could result in financial ruin, but turning away from Christ would mean utter calamity on every level of life AND death. 


What shape does your wealth take, and how do you use it? I love hearing your stories. Comment below, or email egus@me.com