WHO IS THIS BOY? Where is he from? What are his prospects?

EUGENE ONCHIRI wants to be an engineer. BIG PROBLEM: He lives in the largest slum in Africa and can’t afford the fees for an outside, boarding high school. No sponsor; no further schooling for this promising lad.

Kibera is NOT a tourist attraction. Plastic bags are everywhere, and you don’t want to know what’s in them.

Anajali—God Cares—is an elementary school of over 500 students, there in the slum.

Anajali wants to build a high school these young graduates can afford. They have land and a well but need upwards of $8000 to get electricity to the site.

I and Anajali’s founder, Anne Blodgett, have a Plan to raise that money. My fifth novel, Dynamo, is pretty much dead in the publishing waters, and we have roughly 300 copies to put to good use. Here’s the deal: We will “GIVE” you a copy, in exchange for a $15 or more donation to Anajali, S&H included. Do you have ten, or even five friends, who would like to read a whompin’ good novel—especially for such a good cause? Think birthdays, Christmas, whatever.

And with the CVirus on top of us, what better entertainment than Dynamo?

What’s the novel about?

Dynamo is complex. One layer is horses and the high-stakes world of horse shows and stable intrigue; another layer is the good, bad, and ugly of human relationships; but the bedrock layer is the sovereign God who interacts with Jeth in unusual and unpredictable ways.

“I learned a lot about horses and relationships, both horizontal and vertical. A must read!! Don’t plan on sleeping tonight!”–Ted Steele. 

TAPHY BRINER wants to be a doctor. A slum child, yes, but she and Eugene desperately want a chance to learn. Will you help build that high school? It won’t be ready for these two, but hopefully, for others like them, down the road. 

Please contact Anne or me and tell us know how many books you can turn into donations for this high-school project. (Donations without a book are okay, too!)

Ellie:  egus@me.com    Anne:   anne.anajali@gmail.com   For more information, the Anajali website is http://hecareskenya.org/ Tax-deductible checks can be made out to Anajali Ministries and mailed to PO Box 46, Scotland CT 06264.

PLEASE . . .