Hearing a high-pitched sound while working at my computer, I rushed outdoors to see if an eagle had settled in our locust tree. (Fat chance of that!) No eagle; just a small, distressed squirrel in IMG_0505an old wagon on our porch. Making its way to the driveway, it was joined by a sibling—both of them ignoring two hulking cameramen that had whirring and buzzing devices aimed at them. Fearless and foolish, one began climbing over a sneaker to go up the jean-clad “tree” to inspect it more closely. No panic, even when touched.
IMG_4818Obviously, Mama squirrel had met her maker, leaving her babies with no one to instruct them about large and potentially hazardous beings. No one to feed and nurture them. No one to give comfort in this strange place. Alone in the world, except for large “trees” that make poor surrogate parents with no clue about the needs of young squirrels.
Yesterday, we found one baby laid out in dignified fashion under the little wagon where first we found it . Today, the other one lay curled in the garage, having crept under the door to find its haven of death. Jim served as undertaker for them both. 
Now, expand the picture. See a global crowd of hulking creatures milling about, totally unaware of potential hazards around and even inside them. Clueless. Death on every side—no hope of escape. BUT on Calvary, the Maker of both squirrels and people put down Death forever. To paraphrase Matthew 10:29, “Are not two squirrels sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.” And Luke 12:7—”…and you are worth more than many squirrels.” We have glimpsed something beyond our broken world that offers us the sure hope of a glorious future.
We mourn our little creatures. Their death reminds us that we too will follow them. But the light of our Creator’s Instructional helps us see that even our own small death will in the end turn out to be a VERY GOOD thing.
Just make sure your deathbed is on the Cross side of the abyss! th
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